March 1, 2024

Get Beach Ready With These 10 Tips

Once in a lifetime, everybody wants to go for a relaxing beach vacation and have fun. With beach vacation come’s the soothing sound of the waves, relaxing mats, castle building toys for kids, cocktails and ‘BIKINI’. Are you really ready to get into your bikini and flaunt those beautiful curves? Or are you having trouble to figure out what to do?

If you want to look stunning in your bikini and get ready to hit the beach in style follow the below tips and tricks

  • Stand tall

A bad posture can add some extra pounds to your body. Keeping your head high and back and shoulder straight will help you get the right posture. This will enhance your curves and will make you look taller and leaner.

  • Body tan


Tanning your legs with some DIY foundation spray will not only make your legs look long and toned but will also keep them moisturized. For tanning you don’t need to go undergo any harsh procedure; home ingredients are enough.

  • Flattering suit

The bikini you choose for you count a lot. It is in your hand if you want to look shorter or leaner. The halter neck suits are the best as show-off your shoulders, chest, and back. Suit with tanks should be avoided as they make you look shorter. If your bikini has ruching; it’s great because it conceals the stomach area.

  • Body Oil

Now you might wonder what oil has to do with good looks. But, the truth behind the body oil is that it adds that extra shine to your body which is perfect for beach photography. Apply oil with sunscreen underneath it as it will protect you from the sun rays.

  • Tied hair

With your hair tied up, your neck looks long and thin. It just adds some extra height and gives you a leaner look. The best is to tie your hair into a ponytail.

  • Big print is a big no

The bigger the print the bigger your body looks. Avoid buying suits with big prints. If you really love printed clothes, go with small prints.

  • Wedges and heel sandals

A wedge or heeled sandal will add a little extra height to your body making your legs look tall and thin. They also help you balance your posture.

  • Dark colours

You may love pattern and prints on your suit but wearing a dark colour flattering suit will make you look thin and cover any extra pounds.

  • Workout before hitting the beach

Yea I understand a workout before a beach day is little crazy.  But hitting the gym before hitting the sand will give you a toned looking body. It will make you feel good about yourself and fresh. Being confident is sexy after all.

  • Reduce salt intake

If you are adding a lot of salt to your diet; you need to stop it a week before you hit the beach. As high intake of salt can lead to bloating and you would not like to go to the beach with a bloated stomach.

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