December 5, 2023
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How to Get The Bikini Body in a Week?

Modeling industry never sleeps, there is always some or other work going on. To become a model you need to have a perfect body, flawless skin, great height, etc. But, along with that, you need to be fast and well-organized as they can handover projects to you even when you are not ready. The most effort taking modeling type is the bikini modeling, it takes a little extra effort as you have to work on your body more and shed those extra kilos within days.

As a model, there might come a time when you are just back from a one week vacation after enjoying your cousin’s wedding and asked to walk the ramp wearing a bikini in a week. Surprise! Surprise! Now, you have to shed all the extra kilos you gained. Quite a difficult task to do right? Well, do not worry by the end of this article you would be confident and ready to shed those extra kilos.

Let us have a look at the valuable diet habits you need to follow to get bikini ready

Listen To Your Body

The human body works just like a science experiment, the body responds to what you put into it. Once you listen to what your body is telling you, you will notice how it responds to the amount (and type) of food, exercise and rest that you give it.

Remember, nobody else other than you are responsible for how you take care of your body. It is totally up to, either give it the best fuel available and fine-tune it like a Ferrari or let it rot like a ’80s junk car waiting to be made into scrap metal. So, get to know your body and focus on what makes your body feel good, follow the same every day to keep yourself fit and healthy.

Know Your Daily Caloric Intake

Your daily intake is what functions your body so, try to keep a track of the average calorie you intake in a day. Doing so will help you get the idea of how the number of calories effects your body. To help you figure out how to lose weight in the right manner for your bikini photoshoot, here is a formula courtesy of Discovery Health. All you have to do is calculate your weight and multiply it by 12 and that is the number of calories you need to consume daily. For instance, 135 pounds then you should be consuming 1,620 on a daily basis.

You can also make use of the calorie calculator application available like MyFitnessPal, FatSecret, etc. To lose one or two kg weight in a week, you need to do is subtract calories from your daily total. If you want to lose one pound, you should shed 500 calories per week. For two pounds, you should cut down 1,000 calories.

Eat More And More Often

If you want to lose weight fast that does not mean you should starve. Starving is injurious to health, as your body will go into survival mode by going after your muscle tone (not the fat) and will only leave you feeling weak and “skinny fat.” If you do not want to fall sick of look all dull for your bikini shoot, so try to eat more often. Eating more often helps to maintain a normal level of blood glucose of your body, which promotes steady energy levels throughout the day.

Steady energy levels are maintained by a steady intake of food. By eating 3 meals and 2 snacks per day, you will able to boost your metabolism and your body will burn the stored fat. When you consume calories a thermic effect takes place, and your metabolism rises in order to process those calories. When you consume more often, the more ‘thermic’ effect the body is getting, thus a higher metabolism overall.

Drink Water Like It’s Going Out Of Style

There are a lot of women out there who are not able to lose weight due to inadequate hydration. It is recommended by the doctors that you should drink at least seven to eight glasses of water every day in order to flush out the toxins and other wastes. So, if you are someone who does not drink a lot of water and dealing with cellulite dimples issues then all you need to do is refill your bottle and body with water.

What Not To Eat

You may have heard it many times that, if you want to change the way you look and feel, all you need to do is just stay away from fatty or overly processed foods. Remember one thing ‘if your food items ain’t on the Food pyramid, then it ain’t food.’

Woman those who have poor nutrient diet or consume a lot of alcohol or caffeine have more toxin accumulation than those who don’t. This causes their body to accumulate fat and appear bloated. A diet rich in fresh vegetables or fruits, mostly raw food items and very little red meat could help you reduce your symptoms and have that perfect body for your bikini photoshoot.

Food Journaling

Try to develop a good food strategy and keep your cupboards full of all the right and healthy ingredients in order to avoid the temptation. If you have any struggle with your diet plan, you can also maintain a food journal on your own or use the ones available online like the Food Diary. Use this journal to help you break any bad eating habits you may have developed over the years.

This is the list of all the valuable diet habits you should inculcate in order to shed few kg and look flawless and beautiful in less time. Also, if you want to know such habits then you can have a look at this amazing blog. Do let us know in the comment section below how this blog helped you to look beautiful and flawless for your bikini photoshoot.

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