December 5, 2023
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What Is The Best Time To Buy A Bikini?

Every girl has a thing for the beach; few also term themselves as ‘water babies’. You might have seen many pictures on social media with that caption. Well, who does not like to visit the beaches? Even if you have water phobia, you can still chill by the beach. Beach is not just for chilling but, an upcoming beach vacation is also exciting because you get to buy a new pair of bikini and other bikini accessories.

You may own like three to four sets of bikinis but, you have worn them a lot and you have ample of pictures in those. Also, the color of your old bikinis are faded and they are all stretched out. In future, you may have a beach vacation or a pool party coming up; as this occasions can take place in any month except the rainy season. So, you are in definite need of some extra set of bikinis. So, that you can flaunt your body and click some awesome bikini pictures just like a model.

Excited about shopping a new pair of a bikini but confused about what to buy, how to buy and when to buy? Well, don’t be worried we are here to help you. In this article, we will guide you through all the details about when to buy the bikini and how to choose the right bikini?

Let us see how we can manage everything

The Best Time To Get Best Deals On Bikini Is:

1.Shop in the month of August

August is an amazing month to go bikini shopping. As, this is the month when the stores are eager to clear out the summer collection so that they can make room for garments of the upcoming season. Even if you go through online sites like Amazon or Snapdeal, you will notice that they have also reduced the prices of swimsuits in order to make room for other collection. There are high chances that you will get best deals on a bikini in this month. For instance, you might get up to 40%-70% off on the original price.

2. Settle for May

If you are someone who is not ready to wait until the end of summer season, you can go bikini shopping in the month of may. As may is the second best season to buy your bikini. With the sudden rise of heat in the temperature, there are chances that retailers give some offer to grab the attention of customers like you. This is done by the stores in order to start their summer purchases.

3. Avoid June and July

As in the month of June and July, the sun is killing everybody with excess heat, everybody loves to hit the beach. So, there is a high-demand for clothes like the bikini. In this month, people are ready to buy whatever is available. This comes as a big advantage to the store owners as they price the bikini high and there are no discounts available. And due to the access need because of hot weather, women often end up buying whatever is available and at whatever price it is available. So, if you do not want to splurge a lot, get done with your bikini shopping before the month of June and July.

How To Buy A Bikini?

1. Know Your Needs

Before shopping for your bikini, get to know all your needs. By needs, we not only mean the measurements but also many other factors. For instance, for what purpose are you going to purchase the bikini, like for a pool party or for a relaxing by the beach. This should be considered because if you are attending a pool party, you are definitely diving into the pool and you do not want to look tacky and uncomfortable inside the pool or while returning from the pool. So, in this case, you should go for a retro or sporty bikini. For relaxing by the beach you can opt a cutout or ruffled bikini.   

2.Select Separates

Nowadays, the stores are providing the option to buy separate suits, this is a very great option for the women who have different top and bottom sizes. It is a great opportunity as you can mix and match the patterns and colors you like. Also, the chances of bargaining become high. If you have a great bottom and your top is all faded out, you can select the best tops that go with your bottom and vice versa. In this way, you do not need to buy the whole bikini set and thus reduction in cost.

3. Be open to Different Brands

You might like a brand very much and you are buying bikini of the same brand for years but, a little change is no harm. There are many bikini brands out there who have introduced new patterns and colors. Also, there are brands who are selling high-quality and great bikinis at a regular price. Don’t just stick to one brand, be open to different brands. Trying new and good brands is completely worth if you get a good deal and quality.

4. Consider Online Shopping

Yes, we know that sometimes the online shopping can result in disaster clothing. But, there are some very reliable brands like Clovia, Pretty Secrets, Zivame, etc which you can try. If you have a good budget, you can order different bikini from different brands and decide which one is the best. By doing this, you get to know all the brands and their qualities very well. Even if you have a low budget, you can order the bikini by reading reviews and checking the ratings of the brands. Do give it a shot.

These are few of our tips for buying the best bikini but at last, it is completely your choice. Choose what you love and feel comfortable in. Be beach ready with all these tips. If you want to know more such tips do visit this blog by thebalance. Also, do let us know your views and thoughts about this blog in the comment section below.

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